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Mendeleev found that elements with _____ fell into groups on the table.
a) similar properties
b) the same mass
c) the same color
d) similar size

Atomic number number is the number of _______ in the nucleus of an atom.
a) protons
b) neutrons
c) electrons
d) none of these

Moseley improved the arrangement of the periodic table by arranging the elements by increasing _________.
a) atomic number
b) atom mass
c) date of discovery
d) none of these

What is the name of the elements found in Group 2 on the periodic table?
a) alkaline earth metals
b) alkali metals
c) boron family
d) halogens

Elements in Groups 3-12 are called________.
a) transition elements
b) halogens
c) noble gases
d) representative elements

A major difference between the two rows of inner transition elements is that lanthanides...
a) occur in nature while most of the actinides are synthetic.
b) are radioactive.
c) are gases at room temperature.
d) have no uses.

A period's number on the periodic table corresponds to the number of...
a) energy levels of the atoms in that period.
b) electrons an atom in the period can accept when reacting to form compounds.
c) compounds that maybe formed by an element in the period.
d) neutrons in the nuclei of atoms in the period.

The location of metals on the periodic table is on the...
a) left
b) right
c) bottom
d) top

Most non-metals on the periodic table are located on the...
a) right
b) left
c) top
d) bottom

Which group number belongs to the noble gases?
a) group 18
b) group 17
c) group 1
d) group 2

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