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What slogan did Herbert Hoover run on?
a) New Deal
b) A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage
c) Life is good
d) Rugged individualism

One of the causes of the Great Depression was
a) Easy credit
b) Federal Prohibition
c) Sound financial investments
d) Hoover won the election

The definition for speculation is
a) Sound investments
b) Guessing which stocks to buy
c) risky investments for the chance of making a quick profit
d) Buying stocks on margin

The stock market crashed on
a) December 25, 1929
b) October 29, 1929
c) March 4, 1929
d) January 1, 1929

One important reason for the severity of the Great Depression was
a) government interference in the free market economy
b) President Hoover devoted much of his administration to battling the Great Depression
c) The novel The Grapes of Wrath
d) people bought too many cars

The Dust Bowl was caused by
a) a tornado
b) people leaving their farms
c) not enough crops planted
d) a severe drought

What were 2 risky investment practices used on the stock market?
a) speculation and buying stock on margin
b) installment plans and easy credit
c) xxxx
d) xxxxxx

a) xxxxx
b) xxxx
c) xxxx
d) xxxx

a) xxxx
b) xxxx
c) xxxx
d) xxxx

a) xxx
b) xxx
c) xxxx
d) xxxx

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