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The difference between sleet and hail is
a) the temperature of the ice pellets.
b) both where the ice pellets formed and the size of the ice pellets.
c) where the ice pellets formed.
d) the size of the ice pellets.

Earths rotation makes global winds curve. This is called the
a) rotational effect.
b) convection effect.
c) Coriolis effect.
d) global effect.

The doldrums are characterized by
a) high pressure.
b) falling air.
c) weak winds.
d) cool temperatures.

Any form of water that falls from clouds is called
a) precipitation.
b) condensation.
c) dew.
d) evaporation.

The total energy of motion in the particles of a substance is called
a) thermal energy.
b) temperature.
c) absorbed energy.
d) radiation.

Cool air tends to
a) be less dense and flow over warm air.
b) be more dense and flow under warm air.
c) be lifted up by more dense warm air.
d) mix easily with warm air masses.

Land breezes occur because
a) land heats up faster than water.
b) land cools off more slowly than water.
c) land cools off faster than water.
d) land heats up more slowly than water.

Global winds generally
a) are unpredictable.
b) are not influenced by heating of Earths surface.
c) change directions from day to day.
d) blow from specific directions over long distances.

Layered clouds that often cover much of the sky and are a dull gray color are called
a) stratus clouds.
b) cirrus clouds.
c) cumulonimbus clouds.
d) cumulus clouds.

The two main parts of a psychrometer are
a) a set of cups and a spinning axle.
b) a collecting funnel and a measuring tube.
c) a wet-bulb thermometer and a dry-bulb thermometer.
d) a rain gauge and a measuring stick.

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