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Ways that each branch of government limits the power of the other branches
a) checks and balances
b) ordinance
c) democracy
d) separation of powers

A law
a) democracy
b) ordinance
c) separation of power
d) president

an addition
a) ordinance
b) law
c) democracy
d) ammendment

Dividing the government so that each branch balances the powers of the others
a) checks and balances
b) democracy
c) separation of powers
d) bill of rights

Government in which citizens have power to make political decisions
a) democracy
b) checks and balances
c) separation of powers
d) amendment

Which of the following is a civic responsibility?
a) free sheech
b) due process
c) voting
d) assembling

Social security is an example of a government program that...
a) secures liberty
b) ensures domestic tranquility
c) provides for the common defense
d) promotes the general welfare

When the Constitution was written which citizens had the right to vote?
a) white, male, property owners
b) white married females and males
c) married African Americans
d) free African American males

Which of the following can only the National government do?
a) collect taxes
b) manage elections
c) set up courts
d) print money

What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
a) to decide whether a king should lead the government
b) to form a stronger government by revising the Articles of Confederation
c) to name a leader for the country's army
d) to get delegates to sign the new Constitution

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