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Which of the following leaders were in the AXIS alliance during World War Two?
a) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), Stalin, Churchill
b) Stalin, Mao, Castro
c) Hitler, Mussolini, Emperor Hirohito
d) Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini

Which event began World War Two in Europe?
a) Pearl Harbor
b) Battle of Britain
c) Invasion of Russia (USSR)
d) Invasion of Poland

Which event was primarily an air battle in which the Nazi's were eventually defeated?
a) Invasion of Russia (USSR)
b) Invasion of Poland
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Battle of Britain

Which event drew the USSR (Communist Russia) into World War Two on the ALLIES side?
a) Invasion of Poland
b) Battle of Britain
c) Pearl Harbor
d) Invasion of Russia (USSR)

Which event drew the USA into World War Two?
a) Invasion of Poland
b) Battle of Britain
c) Invasion of Russia (USSR)
d) Pearl Harbor

Which event ended World War Two in the Pacific Theatre?
a) D-Day
b) Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
c) Island Hopping Campaign
d) Invasion of Japan

The Nazi military strategy of blitzkrieg was best known for what two things?
a) speed and overwhelming force
b) slow and minimal amount of forces
c) guerrilla warfare and assassins
d) holocaust and hunger plans

What is one common attribute for the totalitarian (usually fascist) leaders before (and during) World War Two?
a) peaceful
b) cooperative
c) democratic
d) aggressive/violent

At what two conferences did the ALLIES make preparations for after World War Two was over?
a) Versailles and Paris
b) Yalta and Postdam
c) New York and London
d) Moscow and Berlin

How did America treat Japanese people living in the USA during World War Two?
a) just like everyone else
b) sent them back to Japan
c) forced them to join the military
d) sent them to internment camps and made them take loyalty tests

Which are the three main EFFECTS of World War Two?
a) Hitler conquered Europe, America was isolationist, and Japan conquered Asia
b) Cold War began, United Nations created, and Nuremberg Trials punished war criminals
c) China became capitalist, Europe was united, and Hitler was convicted of war crimes
d) Stalin conquered the world, America lost its place as #1 in the world, and aliens invaded

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