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People bought Indulgences to
a) Remove Sins
b) Death
c) name calling
d) None of above

Many of the Reformation leaders liked the idea of
a) indulgences
b) the church's authority
c) pardoning of sins
d) Bible written in native language

King Henry VIII led the Reformation in England by forming
a) Anglican Church
b) Lutheran Church
c) Calvinist CHurch
d) Presbytarian Church

A series of meeting held by Catholic Bishops to help change some practices of the Catholic Church
a) Diet of Worms
b) Council of Trent
c) Meeting at Vatican
d) None of the above

This group led the opposition to the Catholic Church
a) Jesuits
b) Protestants
c) Mongols
d) Catholics

A list of arguments written by Martin Luther against the Catholic Church's sale of indlugences
a) 95 Theses
b) The Gutenberg Bible
c) Diet of Worms
d) Theses of Wittenberg

This invention helped the Reformation be successful
a) Bible
b) Printing Press
c) Indlugences
d) None of the above

He believed in predestination
a) John Calvin
b) Martin Luther
c) Erasmus
d) Wycliffe

The idea that God has determined the outcome
a) Sin
b) Salvation
c) Predestination
d) all of the above

Prior to the Reformation the Bible was written in this language
a) French
b) English
c) German
d) Latin

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