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When a little light is able to pass through a mineral, the mineral is said to be
a) transparent
b) translucent
c) opaque
d) cloudy

The mineral that some toothpaste may contain is:
a) Sulfur
b) galena
c) Fluorite
d) gypsum

Quartz can be used in
a) jewelry
b) clocks
c) watches
d) all of the above

Of all minerals___________ are the hardest!
a) quartz
b) diamonds
c) flourite
d) sulfur

Pencils contain the mineral
a) graphite
b) sulfur
c) gypsum
d) loadstone

Gypsum is used in
a) building materials
b) toothpaste
c) pencils
d) compasses

By performing a streak test you can find out a mineral's
a) color
b) hardness
c) density
d) light

Most minerals are
a) magnetic
b) non magnetic
c) living
d) talkative

Lodestones are magnetic. Long ago they were used :
a) for protection
b) as a weapon
c) as a compass
d) as a pencil

Sulfur smells like:
a) perfume
b) rotten eggs
c) baby powder
d) roses

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