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For the body to use food (proteins, fats/lipids, carbohydrates) for energy and building materials, the food must first be digested into ____________ that is/are absorbed into the bloodstream and transported to cells.
a) Molecules
b) Energy
c) Oxygen
d) ATP

Which of the following is a function of proteins?
a) Building and repairing muscles/organs/tissues
b) Providing Energy
c) Cushioning our organs and for warmth
d) Helping us to breathe

Which of the following is NOT a source of carbohydrates?
a) Egg whites
b) Bread
c) Pasta
d) Fruit

Of the following, which would you eat if your body needed fats?
a) Butter
b) Tomatoes
c) Pasta
d) Peas

A balanced diet combined with ______________ aid in the overall general health of the body.
a) Exercise
b) Sunlight
c) Protein
d) Carbohydrates

Cells do which of the following?
a) Produce waste
b) Take in nutrients
c) Reproduce
d) All of the above

Substances like oxygen can pass in and out of the cell through the process of:
a) Mitosis
b) Osmosis
c) Diffusion
d) Cellular Respiration

What types of animal cells undergo meiosis?
a) Reproductive cells
b) Skin cells
c) Brain cells
d) Nerve cells

How is a cell membrane important to the process of Osmosis?
a) It collects nutrients from water in the outside environment and moves them into the cell
b) It traps water and nutrients that would otherwise be unable to move in the cell
c) It allows materials from the outside environment to move into the cell
d) It allows water to move into the cell.

Examples of Fungi include
a) Yeast
b) Paramecium
c) Amoeba
d) Egulena

Viruses are considered non-living because
a) They are able to reproduce, breathe, eat and excrete.
b) They are easily killed.
c) They need a host to reproduce
d) They are living organisms

An euglena is an example of
a) A free living protist that uses flagella for movement
b) aA free living protist that uses cilia for movement
c) A parasitic protist that uses a pseudopod for movement
d) A parasitic protist that uses cilia for movement

Some protists are heterotrophs, this means that:
a) They make their own food
b) They cannot make their own food
c) They decompose others to make their food
d) They buy their own food.

An example of an epidemic is
a) A healthy world
b) An outbreak of the Spanish flu in many countries
c) A zombie apocalypse around the world.

Antiboitic resistance is
a) a spread of a virus in your body.
b) when you kill all bacteria.
c) bacterial infections that are hard to treat.
d) building up your immunity.

What is a vector?
a) An animal that carries a disease.
b) A human that carries a disease.
c) A human that is sick with a disease.
d) an animal that is sick with a disease.

Infectious diseases are MOST commonly spread from
a) person to animals
b) person to objects
c) person to person
d) objects to person

Handling a microscope correctly involves
a) Focusing by moving the stage toward the objective.
b) Leaving the light on when you are done for the next class.
c) Always carrying a microscope with one hand.
d) None of the above.

Which is the smallest unit that can perform all the processes necessary for life?
a) cell
b) nucleus
c) organelle
d) protist

A Carrier will...
a) show symptoms but not have the disease.
b) have the disease but not show symptoms.
c) show symptoms only.
d) have the disease only.

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