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Which describes the Stamp Act?
a) Patriots were unhappy with the British taxing paper products
b) The colonists felt that the British taxed fairly.
c) The patriots felt that natural rights could be taken away some times.
d) It involved a tax on tea.

The Boston Tea Party included which of the following.
a) Patriots protested taxation without representation by dumping tea in the harbor.
b) People demonstrated in support of the East Indian Company.
c) It involved shots at Lexington which started the war.
d) The Sons of Liberty felt that the British protected natural rights.

How did the Sons of Liberty resist the British prior to the Revolutionary war?
a) They wrote petitions and boycotted goods.
b) They protested and shot British soldiers anywhere they found them.
c) They did fake hangings of tax collectors and supported the British government.
d) They grew raspberry tea.

The colony of Pennsylvania was created to do what?
a) Religious freedom for Jews, Quakers, and others.
b) As a colony for only Catholics to come.
c) To take away land from Native Americans.
d) As a trade route to Asia.

Which of the following is NOT true about the French and Indian War?
a) France won and gave the land to the United States.
b) It was fought between France and Britain.
c) Britain won and received all the land east of the Mississippi.
d) It was fought over land and natural resources.

Africans were used as slaves because of which of the following?
a) They did not die of diseases and had a history of farming.
b) They were use to the hot climate and ran away too much.
c) Natives were used as slaves and Africans were not needed.
d) Africans refused to become Christians.

How did Africans contribute in the north?
a) They worked on large plantations.
b) They were government officials and led the country.
c) They worked as carpenters and farmers.
d) They did not pass on their stories and dance.

G.I.S. is best described as which of the following?
a) Layers of data that can include roads and rivers.
b) An important tool that only includes taking aerial photos.
c) A type of review card used to study for tests.
d) A mathematical formula that helps with the study of science.

Which is true about primary sources?
a) They were created at the time of the event.
b) They were created after a historical event.
c) They include articles, encyclopedias, and textbooks.
d) They do NOT include diaries.

The Enlightenment included which of the following?
a) A search for natural rights.
b) A belief that the government should be all powerful.
c) Thomas Jefferson rejected the Enlightenment.
d) A long journey.

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