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Web site _____ considers the question: who will use this Web site?
a) Design and development
b) Analysis
c) Planning
d) Testing

HTML browsers _____ spaces inserted between tags?
a) Duplicate
b) Ignore
c) Print
d) Double

In order to view a Web page on any type of Web site, a computer needs to have _____.
a) A web browser installed
b) A scanner installed
c) An internet programmer
d) All of the above

The _____ attribute, used with the img tag, defines the height of the image so that the browser does not have to calculate it.
a) align
b) alt
c) border
d) height

A Web page title should _____.
a) Be concise yet descriptive
b) Identify the subject or purpose of the page
c) Briefly explain the page's content
d) All of the above

Which tag defines the set of navigation links?
a) header
b) footer
c) nav
d) div

When using a text editor, what file extension(s) must be used when saving as a web document?
a) .txt
b) .html or .htm
c) .doc
d) .css

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) plays which role in the web development standards?
a) It creates websites accessible to everyone.
b) It develops the standards for HTML and CSS.
c) It develops web browsers.
d) It is the agency that controls the World Wide Web.

Anthony is creating a webpage on seals. To ensure that his page can be found through Google, Anthony must include pertinent information in which tag section?
a) meta
b) head
c) body
d) nav

Users with computers connected to the Internet can access a variety of services, including _____?
a) E-mail
b) Newsgroups
c) The World Wide Web
d) All of the above

It is important to understand the makeup of your target audience, including its _____?
a) Age and gender
b) General demographic background
c) level of computer literacy
d) All of the above.

HTML uses a set of special instructions called _____ to define the structure and layout of a Web document?
a) Banners
b) Tags
c) Indicators
d) Signposts

_____ is a private network that uses standard Internet technologies to share business information with select corporate partners or key customers?
a) The World Wide Web
b) The Internet
c) An intranet
d) An extranet

Color values using the combination of red, green, and blue values ranging from 0 to 255?
a) HTML Tag
b) CSS Value
c) Hexadecimal Color Codes
d) RBG Color Codes

Color values written with the # sign followed by six digits using the numbers 0 to 9 and A to F to represent the amount of red, green and blue?
a) HTML Tag
b) CSS Value
c) Hexadecimal Color Codes
d) RGB Color Codes

A link that specifies the name of the file to be linked to as it relates to the current document?
a) Relative Link
b) HTML Attribute
c) HTML Element
d) Absolute Link

A link that specifies a complete path to a file, including the protocol, server, directory, filename?
a) Relative Link
b) HTML Attribute
c) HTML Element
d) Absolute Link

The style attribute you want to change?
a) CSS Declaration
b) CSS Property
c) CSS Value
d) CSS Selector

The attribute you want applied to the property?
a) CSS Declaration
b) CSS Property
c) CSS Value
d) CSS Selector

A program that provides a graphical user interface that allows a developer to see what the Web page will look like while the document is being created is called _____.
a) A text editor
b) A web browser
c) an HTML editor
d) a WYSIWYG editor

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