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Which of these will be attracted to a magnet?
a) Wood block
b) Iron nail
c) Plastic spoon
d) Paper plate

Where is a magnet's magnetic force the strongest?
a) At its north pole
b) At its south pole
c) At its center
d) At its north and south poles

The area of magnetic force around a magnet is called its
a) pole
b) center
c) magnetic field
d) compass

What would be attracted to the south pole of a bar magnet?
a) the north pole of another magnet
b) the south pole of another magnet
c) the north and south poles of another magnet
d) any part of another magnet

Lucy held a magnet near several objects. She found a key, a paper clip, and a nail were attracted. She found an eraser, pencil, and penny were not attracted. What should Lucy infer from her results?
a) All metal objects are attracted to magnets.
b) Only some metal objects are attracted to magnets.
c) Heavy objects are not attracted to magnets.
d) Magnets cannot attract through air.

When a magnet is brought near a paper clip, the paper clip becomes
a) A compass
b) A temporary magnet
c) A permanent magnet
d) A magnetic field

Which of these is a magnet?
a) A pencil
b) A paper clip
c) Earth
d) A penny

Which of these statements is true?
a) Magnetic fields can pass through paper.
b) Magnets always point south.
c) Magnetic force is strongest far from a magnet.
d) All magnets have one pole.

A magnet will not attract
a) Iron
b) Nickel
c) Cobalt
d) Rubber

When a horseshoe magnet is brought near an iron nail, the particles inside the nail
a) Line up with the magnet's magnetic field
b) Move and point in all different directions
c) Line up and point north
d) Line up and point south

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