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The way a mineral reflects light is called
a) Mohs' Scale
b) luster
c) nonmetallic
d) hardness

The colored line that is left when a mineral is rubbed on a piece of an unglazed tile is called
a) opaque
b) hardness
c) fracture
d) streak

How easily a mineral can be scratched is called
a) hardness
b) Mohs Scale
c) streak
d) luster

Minerals that reflect light like polished metal have what type of luster?
a) nonmetallic
b) metallic
c) pearly
d) silver

A mineral that does not let any light pass through would be described as:
a) opaque
b) metallic
c) transparent
d) translucent

What is the scale used to measure a mineral's hardness?
a) Bakery Scale
b) Mineral Scale
c) The Mohs' Scale
d) Doctor's Scale

Calcite is a mineral that is usually clear. It is so clear that you can see through it. We say that it is:
a) transparent
b) translucent
c) opaque
d) cool

Galena is a mineral often found in
a) batteries
b) ice cream
c) balloons
d) fireworks

Talc is a mineral that is often used in
a) perfume
b) Baby powder
c) fireworks
d) batteries

Sulfur is often used in:
a) fireworks
b) toothpaste
c) jewlery
d) pencils

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