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Which Native American tribe fought relocation by going to court?
a) Chickasaw
b) Cherokee
c) Choctaw
d) Seminole

Most NAtive Americans were relocated to the indian Territory located in modern-day ____
a) Florida
b) Mexico
c) Iowa
d) Oklahoma

The Indian Removal Act moves Native Americans __________
a) to Canada
b) West of the Mississippi
c) to Georgia
d) to Mexico

Which legislation let the federal government pay Native Americans for their land in order to move the N.A. west?
a) Indian Removal Act
b) Treaty of Ghent
c) Bill of Rights
d) Alien and Sedition Acts

_________ is the policy of firing federal wrokers and replacing them your supporters.
a) depreciation
b) spoils system
c) nullification
d) guerrilla tactics

________ is attempting to ruin an opponent's reputation with insults.
a) blockade
b) depression
c) mudslinging
d) frigate

Who may have earned the position of Secretary of State in a corrupt bargain?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Andrew Jackson
c) James Madison
d) Henry Clay

Which election ended in a corrupt bargain?
a) 1824
b) 1828
c) 1860
d) 1900

Who won the election of 1824 in a corrupt bargain?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) John Quincy Adams
c) William Henry Harrison
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which Native American people went to war with the U.S. to fight relocation?
a) Cherokee
b) Chickasaw
c) Choctaw
d) Seminole

The forced journey of theNative Americans became known as the
a) Trail of Tears
b) spoils system
c) Corrupt Bargain
d) Guerrilla tactics

Which president pushed for the indian Removal Act?
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Andrew Jackson
d) James Madison

Which state threatened to secede over tariff issues in 1832?
a) Massachusetts
b) Illinois
c) South Carolina
d) Florida

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