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Which of the following are most likely to be pioneer organisms for primary succession?
a) small shrubs
b) fast growing pine trees
c) small grasses and weeds
d) lichens

What term refers to a final and stable community?
a) climax
b) pioneer
c) culminating
d) colonized

What type of succession occurs on a surface where an ecosystem where no previous ecosystem has existed?
a) secondary succession
b) primary succession
c) old-field succession
d) soil succession

What area is most likely to undergo secondary succession?
a) area disrupted by a forest fire
b) bare patch of rock
c) a newly formed island
d) an rocky area exposed after a glacier recedes

What type of vegetation would most likely be dominant on a piece of abandoned farm land after 150 years have passed?
a) lichen
b) wildflowers and other weeds
c) tall, mature oak trees
d) short trees and shrubs

What term is used to describe the first organisms to colonize an area?
a) climax
b) predominant
c) successive species
d) pioneer

Which of the following statements is true?
a) Secondary succession takes longer than primary succession.
b) Primary succession must begin with soil formation.
c) Old-field succession is an example of primary succession.
d) Only primary succession involves a gradual change and replacement of types of species within a community.

What word best describes the process of succession?
a) formation
b) fixation
c) energy production
d) change

Which of the following is the earliest step of primary succession?
a) An community undergoes a natural or man-made disaster.
b) Lichen and weathering help to break down rock into soil.
c) Leaves and other decaying matter make soil rich in nutrients.
d) Mid-size shrubs and trees block the sun and use water needed by smaller plants.

A forest type community was destroyed by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. What type of succession took place afterwards?
a) secondary succession
b) pioneer succession
c) primary succession
d) old-field succession

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