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members of a church
a) solemnly
b) church
c) parishioners
d) preist

a person sent by a church into an area to spread its religous belief
a) solider
b) eluded
c) spy
d) missionary

rose or came forth
a) bleh
b) opened
c) jesus
d) emerged

a cave like structure
a) cavern
b) grotto
c) mine shaft
d) mine

flat fish found among the pacific coast
a) pirrana
b) sanddabs
c) shark
d) salmon

decorated with raised ornament
a) grotto
b) button
c) bossed
d) embossed

small dumplings, usually filled with meat and vegetables
a) eluded
b) sum dim
c) dim sum
d) solemnly

yellow orange color
a) maroon
b) teal
c) beige
d) saffron

any object valued for being unusual
a) directly
b) curio
c) grotto
d) solemnly

a) eluded
b) drunk
c) imparted
d) medicated

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