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the actionor fact of forming a united whole
a) chronological
b) cohesion
c) none
d) new

a passage in a piece of writing that smoothly connects two topics
a) magic
b) article
c) passage
d) transition

a style of writing not influnced by personal feelings
a) prefrence
b) objective tone
c) personal tone
d) random

a style of writing that involces personal opinion and expression
a) vans tone
b) personal tone
c) subjective tone
d) none

standards, models, or patterns
a) independent
b) flow
c) facts
d) norms

branch of learning or instruction
a) displine
b) despite
c) flow
d) norm

used in conversation
a) free
b) banana
c) colloquial
d) greetings

in written work, flow is a logical, smooth progression of words and ideas
a) none
b) go
c) slow
d) flow

consisting of a series of related ideas
a) series
b) clauses
c) climactic
d) most

the ways in which something is usauly done
a) mark
b) conventions
c) clean
d) neat

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