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Genetic engineering involves
a) reading a DNA sequence
b) editing a DNA sequence
c) reinserting DNA into living organisms
d) all of the above

Analyzing DNA by gel electrophoresis allows researchers to
a) identify similarities and differences in the genomes of different kinds of organisms.
b) determine whether a particular allele of a gene is dominant or recessive.
c) compare the phenotypes of different organisms.
d) cut DNA with restriction enzymes

Knowing the sequence of an organism’s DNA allows researchers to
a) reproduce the organism
b) mutate the DNA
c) study specific genes.
d) cut the DNA

The process of making changes in the DNA code of living organisms is called
a) selective breeding
b) genetic engineering
c) inbreeding
d) hybridization

Ian Wilmut’s cloning of Dolly in 1997 was considered a breakthrough in genetic engineering because
a) scientists thought cloning was impossible
b) scientists thought only fetal cells could be used to produce clones.
c) scientists had never before isolated mammary cells
d) sheep had never responded well to gene technology procedures

A gene that codes for resistance to glyphosate has been added to the genome of certain plants. These plants will
a) produce chemicals that kill weeds growing near them
b) die when exposed to glyphosate
c) convert glyphosate to fertilizer
d) survive when glyphosate is sprayed on the field

DNA fingerprinting has been used in criminal investigations because
a) criminals leave DNA samples behind them when they touch an object at a crime scene
b) DNA analysis allows investigators to distinguish body cells of different individuals, who are unlikely to have the same DNA
c) bacterial DNA on the hands of criminals may provide a clue as to where that person was when the crime was committed
d) DNA found on murder weapons is easy to identify

The risk associated with vaccines prepared by injecting killed or weakened pathogenic microbes is that
a) a few remaining live or unweakened microbes could still cause the disease
b) the antibodies that result may not work
c) the vaccine protects only against other diseases
d) None of the above

The goal of the Human Genome Project is to
a) create maps showing where genes are located on human chromosomes
b) create maps showing where chromosomes are located on human genes
c) treat patients with genetic diseases
d) identify people with genetic diseases

The use of genetic engineering to transfer human genes into bacteria
a) is impossible with current technology
b) causes the human genes to manufacture bacterial proteins
c) results in the formation of a new species of organism
d) allows the bacteria to produce human proteins

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