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Name the two rivers in China
a) Indus and Mekong
b) Ganges and Huang He
c) Yangtze and Huang He
d) Mekong and Yangtze

Name the two rivers in India
a) Indus and MeKong
b) Indus and Ganges
c) Ganges and Huang He
d) Yangtze and Indus

Name the countries on the Korean Peninisula
a) North and South Korea
b) India and Pakistan
c) Philippines and Indonesia
d) Mongolia and Nepal

Name the country that is a peninsula
a) India
b) Japan
c) Pakistan
d) Nepal

What Body of Water is Between Japan and Korea
a) Sea of Japan
b) Bay of Bengal
c) Indian Ocean
d) Arabian Sea

Which Country is not an Island
a) Phillipines
b) Japan
c) Vietnam
d) Indonesia

Name the Body of Water between India and The Indochina Peninisula
a) Bay of Bengal
b) Arabian Sea
c) South China Sea
d) Indian Ocean

Which Country is located West of India
a) Pakistan
b) Nepal
c) Mongolia
d) Vietnam

Name the River in Vietnam
a) Mekong River
b) Indus River
c) Ganges River
d) Huang He River

Name the Tallest Mountain In the World
a) Mount Everest
b) Mount Fuji
c) Mount Korea
d) Mount Mongolia

Name the Tallest Mountain In Japan
a) Himalayas
b) Mount Everest
c) Mount Fuji
d) Mount Korea

Name the large Mountain Range Located in Nepal
a) Gobi Mts.
b) Taklimankan Mts.
c) Himilayas
d) Everest

Name the two deserts located in SE Asia
a) Himilayas and Gobi
b) Taklimankan and Hindu Kush
c) Gobi and Mekong
d) Gobi and Taklimankan

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