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Four cups is equal to one
a) quart
b) queen
c) quick
d) squeeze

A high, little sound is a
a) check
b) squeak
c) circus
d) check

A little piece of snow is a
a) shark
b) crack
c) flake
d) circus

Another word for chilliest is
a) coldest
b) second
c) quart
d) queen

To look over something means to
a) flake it
b) correct it
c) question it
d) check it

A fun show in a big tent is a
a) Africa
b) squeeze
c) circus
d) shark

Babies sometimes hold tightly to your finger. They
a) crack it
b) squeeze it
c) flake it
d) quick it

Another word for fast is
a) second
b) check
c) flake
d) quick

A King's wife is his
a) Mexico
b) flake
c) queen
d) check

If you break open a egg, you
a) crack it
b) squeeze it
c) quick
d) flake

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