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What do food webs show?
a) What organisms eat
b) Where organisms live
c) The flow of energy between organisms
d) How organisms are related to each other

Dogs are closely related to whales because
a) both animals have a closed cirulatory system and respiratory systems containing lungs.
b) both animals have open circulatory systems and respiratory system containing lungs.
c) both animals have open digestive systems and complex respiratory systems.
d) both animals have closed disgestive systems and open respiratory systems.

Where does the energy that a plant needs come from?
a) The plant makes its own energy from water and carbon dioxide
b) The energy comes from the oxygen in the air into the plant
c) The energy comes from the sun.
d) The plants make its energy from water and minerals.

Which of the following is evidence that population growth is affected by the availability of resources in an environment?
a) Caterpillars die out when plants reproduce.
b) Rabbits reproduce when the weather is warm
c) Frog populations increase when ponds dry out
d) Bird populations increase when worm populations increase.

How do plants store their energy?
a) They store it as sugar.
b) They store it as starch.
c) They store it as water.
d) They store it as oxygen.

Which of the following would most likely increase the carrying capacity of a forest ecosystem for a population of deer?
a) Forest fire
b) More food
c) Drought
d) Less shelter

Grass - Grasshopper-Large mouth bass- human What role does the human play in this food chain?
a) Decomposer
b) Scavenger
c) Secondary Consumer
d) Tertiary Consumer

Where does all the energy in a food chain/ web come from?
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Decomposers
d) Sunlight

If a population of predators decreases, then the population of the prey will?
a) increase
b) descrease
c) stay the same

Which is the correct equation for respiration?
a) oxygen + water+ glucose = ATP + carbon dioxide
b) carbon dioxide + water + sunlight = glucose + oxygen
c) carbon dioxide + water = sunlight + glucose + oxygen
d) oxygen + water + sunlight = ATP + carbon dioxide

Which of the following is a true statement?
a) Scavengers release nutrients from dead materials back into the soil
b) Decomposers release nutrients from dead material back in to the soil
c) Decomposers can only be plants not animals
d) Scavengers can only be plants and animals

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