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From smallest to largest
a) Organism, population, community, ecosystem
b) Organism, community, population, ecosystem
c) Community, population, organism, ecosystem
d) Population, community, organism, ecosytem

What is the name of the science that studies ecosystems?
a) Biology
b) Ecology
c) Astronomy
d) Biodiversity

Which list only has biotic factors?
a) Water, fish, squirrels, mushrooms
b) Earthworm, sun, water, dirt
c) Wolf, ant, plants, strawberries
d) Ants, grasshopper, owl, sunlight

In case of disease affects living organisms in an area, the more biodiversity...
a) the more chances the ecosystem will survive
b) the less chances the ecosystem will survive
c) the chances of survival stays the same
d) the survival chances will neither increase or decrease

Primary succession is different from secondary because
a) it starts with soil
b) it starts with equal amounts of rock and soil
c) it starts with more rock than soil
d) it starts with no soil

The pioneer species for primary succession is
a) Lichen
b) Grass
c) Small plants
d) Weeds

Primary and secondary succession are similar in that they will create
a) soil
b) a climax community
c) rock
d) a primary community

Pioneer species in secondary succession is
a) Big trees
b) Medium size shrubs
c) Weeds
d) Lichen

A disturbance that will cause primary succession would be
a) a volcanic eruption
b) a forest fire
c) a tsunami
d) a tornado

A few bugs under a log would be an example of a
a) pond
b) biome
c) ecosystem
d) microhabitat

What type of succession would cause a pond to become a forest after hundreds of years
a) Primary succession
b) Secondary succession
c) Pond succession
d) Climax succession

A biome is...
a) A huge area that has similar biotic and abiotic factors
b) A medium size ecosystem with different abiotic factors
c) A small ecosystem that could be found under rocks
d) A pond ecosystem with many species of plants and animals

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