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What is a benefit of monsoons?
a) people like to play in the rain
b) the rainwater can be used for irrigation
c) hydroelectricity
d) the rain create rapids for whitewater rafting

Which South Asian country has a democratic government similar to the United State's government?
a) Pakistan
b) Sri Lanka
c) India
d) Bangladesh

Winter monsoons are ________.
a) dry
b) wet
c) rare
d) occur every five years

What is outsourcing?
a) When a company hires workers that live in another country.
b) When a business completely moves to another country
c) When a company expands to multiple countries
d) When a business hires someone that immigrated from another country.

A negative economic effect of monsoons is ____________.
a) dry summer monsoons destroy crops
b) flooding in crop fields
c) mosquitos
d) people will not buy goods when it's raining outside

Norman Borlaug is credited with creating what crop?
a) miniature corn
b) dwarf wheat
c) supersize wheat
d) cotton

All of the following describe rangoli except _____________.
a) It is used as a decoration in homes.
b) It represents knowledge.
c) It is a Hindu tradition
d) All Asian families have rangoli in their homes.

Which is the tallest mountain in the world
a) Mount Blanc
b) Mount Kilimanjaro
c) Mount Everest
d) Pike's Peak

After British rule ended, why did India and Pakistan become separate countries?
a) political differnces
b) religious differences
c) language barriers
d) educational differences

Which South Asian country's government has struggled and is prone to military rule?
a) India
b) Sri Lanka
c) Pakistan
d) Nepal

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