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How much of Earth’s water is fresh water?
a) 97%
b) 50%
c) 3%
d) All of it

Where is most of Earth’s fresh water?
a) aquifers
b) icebergs, glaciers, and ice sheets
c) oceans
d) clouds

The water cycle is __________.
a) water’s path over land
b) how hail forms
c) the changes and movement of Earth’s water
d) how much water people use in one day

Where is pollution from trash on land likely to end up?
a) in the ocean
b) in surface water
c) in runoff
d) all of the above

If the temperature in a cloud is below freezing and the temperature near the ground is far above freezing, what kind of precipitation will probably fall?
a) rain
b) sleet
c) snow
d) hail

If surface water disappeared and it did not evaporate or stay on the surface, it most likely became ______.
a) water vapor
b) ground water
c) ice
d) surface water

Which process makes water vapor in the air turn into a cloud?
a) evaporation
b) precipitation
c) deposition
d) condensation

In which river will water deposit the most sediment?
a) a fast, curvy river
b) a fast, straight river
c) a slow, curvy river
d) a slow, straight river

If one day it rains so much that water is rushing over a farmer’s field, what is likely to happen?
a) Erosion will destroy the crops.
b) The water cycle will be disrupted.
c) Huge canyons might form.
d) The area’s aquifer will run dry.

Ponds and lakes are what form of water?
a) reservoirs
b) rivers
c) surface water
d) ground water

Which of the following is NOT a method of conserving water?
a) taking long showers
b) turning off the faucet when brushing teeth
c) running sprinklers at night
d) collect rain water for plants

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