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In an elementary school, students know atleast one of the languages, French and Spanish. 125 students know French, 75 students know Spanish and 50 of them know both French and Spanish. How many students are there in the school?
a) a. 140
b) b. 150
c) c. 160
d) d. 170

In a competition, a school awarded medals in different categories. 36 medals in dance, 12 medals in dramatics and 18 medals in music. If these medals went to a total of 45 persons and only 4 persons got medals in all the three categories, how many re
a) a. 3
b) b. 36
c) c. 11
d) s. 12

In question # 6, How many can speak French only?
a) a. 28
b) b. 80
c) c. 100
d) s. 27

in question # 6, how many can speak both English and French?
a) a. 15
b) b. 27
c) c. 16
d) d. 20

In question # 4, • When two classes meet at the same hour.
a) a. 92
b) b. 57
c) c. 80
d) d. 35

In a group of 100 persons, 72 people can speak English and 43 can speak French. How many can speak English only?
a) a. 72
b) b. 43
c) c. 57
d) d. 100

In question # 1. how many like cold drinks?
a) a. 27
b) b. 60
c) c. 9
d) d. 45

There are 35 students in art class and 57 students in dance class. Find the number of students who are either in art class or in dance class. • When two classes meet at different hours and 12 students are enrolled in both activities
a) a. 92
b) b. 57
c) c. 80
d) d. 35

In a group of 60 people, 27 like cold drinks and 42 like hot drinks and each person likes at least one of the two drinks. How many like both coffee and tea?
a) a. 9
b) b. 12
c) c. 27
d) d. 42

In question # 1, how many like hot drinks ?
a) a. 42
b) b. 65
c) c. 57
d) d. 9

Out of forty students, 14 are taking English Composition and 29 are taking Chemistry. a) If five students are in both classes, how many students are in neither class?
a) a. 5
b) b. 2
c) c. 4
d) d. 6

In question # 11, How many are in either class?
a) a. 35
b) b. 37
c) c. 38
d) d. 39

. Each student in a class of 40 plays at least one indoor game chess, carrom and scrabble. 18 play chess, 20 play scrabble and 27 play carrom. 7 play chess and scrabble, 12 play scrabble and carrom and 4 play chess, carrom and scrabble. Find the numb
a) a. 15
b) b. 12
c) c. 11
d) d. 10

In question # 13, Find the number of students who play chess, carrom but not scrabble.?
a) a. 9
b) b. 8
c) c. 6
d) d. 7

here are 64 persons in a group. Each of them eats either apple or plantain or both. Those who eat apples are 36 in number. The number those who eat both apples and plantain is 21. How many eat plantains only?
a) a. 25
b) b. 64
c) c. 30
d) d. 60

At dinner, seven people ordered the special of the day. Three people order from the list of the menu, one person orders only salad. Find the number 'm' (dinners ordered by the people).
a) a. 10
b) b. 11
c) c. 12
d) d. none of the above

In a group of 50, 20 like tea while 21 like coffee. There is none who dislike both. How many persons like both coffee and tea?
a) a. 1
b) b. 11
c) c. 9
d) d. 2

In question # 17, how many persons like coffee
a) a. 21
b) b. 22
c) c. 23
d) d. 24

In question # 17. how many persons like tea?
a) a. 19
b) b. 20
c) c. 21
d) d. 22

a class 50 can speak either English or Spanish or both. If 35 students can speak English and 25 can speak both; find the number of those who speak Spanish only.
a) a. 15
b) b. 25
c) c. 30
d) d. 35

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