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to give claim or right to
a) entitled
b) unequal
c) reserved
d) neutral

not helping or supporting either side in a conflict
a) defy
b) neutral
c) unequal
d) entitled

saying what you think
a) entitled
b) outspoken
c) neutral
d) reserved

expecting something to happen
a) neutral
b) entitled
c) anticipation
d) outspoken

to go looking for something
a) unequal
b) sought
c) defy
d) neutral

to resist or refuse to obey
a) defy
b) neutral
c) sought
d) unequal

not the same
a) entitled
b) defy
c) unequal
d) neutral

saved for a purpose or a special person
a) reserved
b) entitled
c) neutral
d) sought

Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word defy?
a) assist
b) cherish
c) motivate
d) obey

Which of the following is almost the same meaning as the word sought?
a) to try to find
b) to hear a story
c) to receive a gift
d) to wait for something

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