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Which figure has a circular base?
a) cube
b) cylinder
c) square pyramid
d) triangular prism

find the area of a right triangle with legs measuring 14 cm and 25 cm.
a) 350 cm
b) 175 cm
c) 94.5 cm
d) 17.5

Jerome know the radius of a baking pan. He needs to estimate the pan's area. Which method can Jerome use to estimate the area?
a) multiply the radius by 3
b) divide the radius by 2 and square the result
c) square the radius and multply the result by 3
d) multiply the radius by 3 and square the result

Which figure has the greatest number of faces?
a) cone
b) cube
c) octaganol
d) triangular prism

Find the surface area of a cube with a side length of 9.4 yds.
a) 56.4
b) 88.36
c) 338.4
d) 530.16

Solve: 12 + y = 23
a) 35
b) 1.9
c) 11
d) 9

Solve: y + 76 = 230
a) 144
b) 306
c) 5
d) 154

A rectangular prism has a volume of 1,080 ftcubed. The height of the prism is 8 ft, and width is 9 ft. What is the length of the prism?
a) 15 ft
b) 120 ft
c) 135ft
d) 77,760 ft

Sunny Lawn Care charges $25 per visit plus $2 one time fee. Which equation models this situation?
a) y = x + 2
b) y = x + 25
c) y = 25x + 2
d) y = 2x + 25

Katie and her 3 friends each owe $2 for dinner. How much was the total cost of dinner?
a) $96
b) $28
c) $20
d) $6

The scale on a map is 1 inch = 50 miles. If Cincinnati, OH is about 300 hundred miles from Chicago, IL, about how far apart are the 2 cities on the map?
a) 5 in
b) 6 in
c) 7 in
d) 8 in

An office supple store states the 4 out of 5 customers are happy with the delivery service. What percentage is this?
a) 0.8%
b) 8%
c) 80%
d) 800%

Which of the ordered pairs is NOT a solution of y = 5x + 10?
a) (3, 25)
b) (5, 35)
c) (4, 30)
d) (2, 10)

The movie Gone With The Wind is 3 hours and 42 minutes long. How many minutes long is the movie?
a) 180
b) 202
c) 222
d) 284

What is 70% of 30?
a) 0.21
b) 2.1
c) 21
d) 210

Joe played a game and won 24 out of 100 times. What percentage of games did Joe win?
a) 25%
b) 24%
c) 75%
d) 2.4%

Carl drives at an average of 60 miles per hour. How many hours will it take him to drive 240?
a) 4
b) 12
c) 24
d) 48

Find the area of a rectangle with the length 3 in and width 12 in
a) 18 in
b) 9 in
c) 36 in
d) 48 in

Shelley has a bookshelf that is 48.75 inches long. If Shelley's textbooks are each 3.5 inches wide, how many books can Shelley fit on a shelf?
a) 15 books
b) 14 books
c) 13 books
d) 12 books

Josh's violin lessons star at 8:55 am and last 95 minutes. What time will Josh's lessons end?
a) 9:45 am
b) 10:15 am
c) 10:30 am
d) 10:45 am

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