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What type of fossil has a raised shape that looks like the original organism that once was in that space?
a) mold fossil
b) cast fossil
c) trace fossil
d) amber

True of False? There are not any minerals that are magnetic.
a) False
b) True
c) Do NOT choose
d) Do NOT choose

What does a fossil with hair or skin still attached to it tell us about that organism?
a) It was too hairy to begin with.
b) It is a very old fossil.
c) It is still living.
d) It was frozen or dried (preserved).

Fossils are made from organisms that are extinct. What does this mean?
a) They may come back to life.
b) They are no longer living.
c) They might still be living.
d) They were never alive.

When a mineral breaks with rough edges, it is said to have the property of ...
a) luster.
b) crystals.
c) cleavage.
d) fracture.

Stan saw tiny crystals inside of a rock. He should know that the rock has ...
a) a fossil inside.
b) minerals inside.
c) soil inside.
d) air inside.

What mineral is identified by MOHS scale?
a) color
b) streak
c) hardness
d) luster

Which is not a property of a mineral?
a) color
b) hardness
c) streak
d) temperature

What type of fossil is made from the resin (sap) of a tree?
a) mold fossil
b) cast fossil
c) amber
d) trace fossil

What type of fossil has an empty space remaining once it has been broken in half?
a) mold fossil
b) cast fossil
c) trace fossil
d) amber

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