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Operation Expnses are 20% of a $90,000 butget. _______ is budgeted
a) $18,000
b) $72,000
c) $70,000
d) $20,0000

A manufacturer that produces 28 items a day can produce_______ items in 9 days.
a) 37
b) 196
c) 140
d) 252

The decimal .723924 rounded to the nearest thousandth is.
a) .724
b) .7239
c) .72392
d) .723

Federal program that provides retirement benefits to all U.S. citizens over age 62 who have paid into the program
a) Social Security
b) Exercise options
c) Contribution
d) Profit

Social Security tax paid to a social security account
a) Insured
b) Social Security
c) profit
d) Contribution

Portion of medical expenses covered by an insurance policy
a) Benefit
b) Insured
c) 401 K
d) profit

Person whose costs are covered by an insurance policy
a) Benefit
b) Insured
c) 401 K
d) Profit

Person (s) named to receive money when the insured dies
a) Beneficiary
b) Pension Plan
c) Benefit
d) Life insurance

Insurance coverage that pays money to a beneficiary when the insured dies
a) Life insurance
b) Social Security
c) 401 K
d) Insured

a) 12 months
b) 6 months
c) A week
d) A month

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