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What keeps the Earth's oceans from freezing?
a) the motion of animals that live in the ocean
b) heat energy produced in the core of the Earth
c) heat energy from the Sun
d) the motion of the ocean currents

Insulation is used in many places. It is used in refrigerators and freezers, in the walls of homes, and even in clothing. In which of the following clothing items would insulation be the most useful?
a) bathing suit
b) shorts
c) winter jacket
d) t-shirt

What is the definition of an insulator?
a) A material through which energy cannot flow easily.
b) A material which burns easily.
c) A material through which energy flows easlily.
d) A material which freezes easily.

Which of the following types of energy can be changed into heat?
a) mechanical energy
b) chemical energy
c) electrical energy
d) all of these

Of the following things that produce heat, which needs fuel?
a) mixing things together
b) electricity
c) fire
d) friction

Why do people put insulation in the walls and ceilings of their homes?
a) It helps move heat out of the house in the summer and winter.
b) It helps bring heat inside the house in the summer and helps move heat out of the house in the winter.
c) It helps keep heat out of the house in the summer and helps keep heat inside the house in the winter.
d) It helps bring heat inside the house in the summer and winter.

On a very cold day, people can often be seen rubbing their hands together. Why do people do this?
a) They do this to take their minds off the cold. It doesn't actually do anything.
b) This creates static electricity which helps warm their hands.
c) This creates friction which produces heat to warm their hands.
d) All of these

Boris rides his bicycle at a high speed, then stops suddenly using the brakes. After his ride, Boris feels the rubber on the tires of his bicycle. The rubber feels warm. What, most likely, is the source of this heat?
a) friction
b) electricity
c) a chemical reaction
d) all of these

Which of the following is a way to produce heat?
a) setting something on fire
b) mixing two things together, causing a chemical reaction
c) rubbing two things together to cause friction
d) all of these

Jack and Jill poured hot chocolate from the same container into different thermoses. At lunch time, the temperature of Jack's hot chocolate was 80° F. The temperature of Jill's hot chocolate was 85° F. Whose thermos has better insulation?
a) Jill's
b) They are the same.
c) There is no way to tell.
d) Jack's

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