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What did Delta Airlines start as?
a) Crop dusting company
b) Mail delivery
c) Passenger airline
d) Military company

Which one is a service?
a) Iphone
b) Cheeseburger
c) Haircut
d) Kia

Prior to the 1980s, what party did most Georgians generally follow?
a) Republican
b) Green
c) Democratic
d) Reform

What is an example of a good?
a) Nurse
b) Teacher
c) Mechanic
d) Hammer

What is the amount of money that a business makes after its expenses?
a) Investment
b) Revenue
c) Profit
d) Credit

Which country did the U.S. go to war against for 100 days in 1991?
a) Japan
b) Iraq
c) Vietnam
d) Iran

What was the true secret to the success of Coca-Cola
a) Advertising
b) Sugar and water
c) Bottling
d) Transportation

Who was the first President to come from Georgia?
a) George Washington
b) Sonny Perdue
c) Jimmy Carter
d) Andrew Young

What is the movement of people from one state or country to another?
a) Taxes
b) Two Party System
c) Georgia Pacific
d) Immigration

What was a result of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games?
a) Sports venues
b) Hotels
c) Restaurants
d) All of the Above

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