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Why did European Rulers bring Africans to the Caribbean?
a) To replace the Native workers who had died.
b) To repopulate the islands.
c) To help control the Native Americans.
d) To intermarry with.

Why did so many Native Americans in Central America survive their encounter with the Spanish?
a) They defeated the Spanish in battle.
b) They made peace with the Spanish.
c) They withdrew to the inland mountains.
d) They made trade agreements.

Which European Nations established colonies in Central America and the West Indies?
a) Spain, Italy, Portugal, England
b) Spain, France, Netherlands, England
c) Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, France
d) Spain, England, France, Italy

What sources of wealth did European Nations discover in the West Indies?
a) Sugar and Bananas
b) Textiles and Gold
c) Sugar and Textiles
d) Sugar and Gold

Which was the first nation in the Nation to gain independence?
a) Haiti
b) Puerto Rico
c) Cuba
d) Costa Rica

Why did the United States declare war on Spain in the Spanish-American War?
a) To gain more territory and protect U.S. business interests.
b) To gain control of the textile trade and gain more territory.
c) To help the people of Puerto Rico and Cuba gain freedom from Spain and to protect U.S. business interests.
d) To help the people of Puerto Rico and Cuba gain control of the slave trade.

What were the SPECIFIC results of the Spanish-American War?
a) United States took control of both Cuba and Puerto Rico.
b) Cuba became independent, Puerto Rico became a U.S. dependency
c) The Spanish won the war.
d) The United States won the war.

What is a Dictator?
a) A person with some control over a country's government.
b) A person with no control over a country's government.
c) A person with limited control over a country's government.
d) A person with complete control over a country's government.

How do elected leaders become dictators?
a) They refuse to give up control.
b) They are elected to hold power for life.
c) They are voted into power for life by the legislature.
d) They fight off all other politicans.

What changes are occuring in Central American governments?
a) More leaders are becoming dictators.
b) More leaders are elected democratically.
c) More leaders are elected democratically, although problems with free elections still occur.
d) More leaders are elected dictators, although problems with free elections still occur.

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