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What is the largest lake in Africa?
a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Tanganyika
c) Lake Chad
d) Lake Malawi

What is the LONGEST lake in Africa and the 2nd DEEPEST in the world?
a) Lake Chad
b) Lake Victoria
c) Lake Malawi
d) Lake Tanganyika

What desert covers most of northern Africa (the world's largest hot desert)?
a) Kalahari
b) Sahel
c) Sahara
d) Savanna

What mountain range stretches from Southwest Morocco to Northern Tunisia (in northwest Africa)?
a) Himalayas
b) Alps
c) Atlas
d) Andes

What is the world's longest river?
a) Congo
b) Niger
c) Nile
d) Amazon

What is Africa's transition zone between desert and rainforest called (it is shrinking b/c of desertification)?
a) Savanna
b) Sahel
c) Kalahari
d) Sahara

What African landform has rolling grassland, shrubs, and scattered trees?
a) Rainforest
b) Savanna
c) Sahel
d) Desert

What desert is located in southern Africa and receives some rain every year?
a) Kalahari
b) Sahel
c) Sahara
d) Gobi

Since the late 1900s, the Sahel region of Africa has been shrinking and faces problems from:
a) increasing desertification
b) too much rainfall from monsoons
c) the effects of acid rain
d) water pollution

What is desertification?
a) spread of desert area
b) decrease of desert area
c) overpopulation of desert area
d) preserving desert area

In which climate zone do animals such as lions, gazelles, and zebras live?
a) Sahara Desert
b) Tropical rainforest
c) Sahel
d) Savanna

Why is farming so difficult in the Sahel?
a) Government programs have moved too many people INTO the area
b) Little rain falls in the region and desertification is making the land there more dry and barren
c) Absolutely no rain falls in the region
d) Tall grasses make farming difficult

Which is the best climate zone in Africa for farming?
a) Savanna
b) Sahara
c) Sahel
d) Kalahari

Where do most of Egypt's people live?
a) In the Atlas Mountains
b) Along the Sahara Desert
c) Along the coast
d) In the Nile River Valley

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