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The trachea is also known as
a) the wind pipe
b) oesophagus
c) peristalsis
d) gullet

Oxygen diffuses into the blood capillaries surrounding the alveoli via
a) Active transport
b) Passive diffusion
c) Facilitated diffusion
d) Endocytosis

As volume of lungs increases, the pressure within it
a) Stays the same
b) Decreases
c) Increases
d) Goes up and down in a wild manner

The main branches from the trachea are called
a) Bronchioles
b) Alveoli
c) Bronchi
d) Arterioles

Patients with emphysema have
a) Fewer but larger alveoli but with thicker walls
b) More but smaller alveoli with thicker walls
c) Fewer but larger alveoli with thinner walls
d) Fewer but smaller alveoli with thicker walls

What percentage of lung cancer is caused by smoking?
a) 67%
b) 53%
c) 79%
d) 87%

What percentage of lung cancer is caused by passive smoking?
a) 15%
b) 4%
c) 3%
d) 7%

What does not happen in exhalation
a) External intercostal muscles contract
b) Ribs drop down and in
c) Diaphragm becomes domed shape
d) Volume within lungs increases

What does not happen in inhalation
a) Rib cage moves up and out
b) Diaphragm becomes domed shaped
c) Diaphragm becomes flat
d) External intercostal muscles contract

What type of alveolar cells are especially thin to allow gas exchange?
a) Pneumocytes Type I
b) Pneumocytes Type II
c) Pneumocytes Type III
d) Pneumocytes Type IV

The microscope sacs within the lungs are called
a) Villi
b) Alveoli
c) Cilia
d) Arteries

Which type of alveolar cells secrete a surfactant to stop the cells sticking together?
a) Pneumocytes Type III
b) Pneumocytes Type II
c) Pneumocytes Type I
d) Pneumocytes Type IV

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