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When a roller coaster goes through a loop, the centripetal force is directed towards?
a) The top
b) The center
c) The bottom
d) The seat

A ball is turning clockwise. If the string is cut while the ball is at the top of the circle, which way will the ball travel?
a) Up
b) Down
c) Left
d) Right

Any force that causes an object to move in a circle is called?
a) Centripetal
b) Centrifugal
c) angular
d) linear

Which of the following does not affect centripetal force?
a) Velocity of the object
b) Radius of Revolution
c) Mass of the Object
d) Direction of motion

Which of the following is not an example of acceleration?
a) A person going around in a Ferris Wheel
b) A car driving due north at 50 km/hr
c) A race car making a turn at 100 km/hr
d) a air plane banking into a turn as it slows to prepare for its landing

If the velocity of an object is increased what happens to centripetal force?
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) Stays the same

If the mass of an object is reduced what happens to the centripetal force?
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) stays the same

Why can't you feel the gravity between you and the person next to you?
a) Only earth has gravity
b) Living things don't have gravity
c) You are too close to the person to feel gravity
d) the mass of the person next to you is too small.

What provides the centripetal force to cause the planets to orbit the sun?
a) Inertia
b) Centrifugal
c) Gravity
d) Friction

THe orbits of planets around the sun are_______.
a) Circular
b) hyperbolic
c) Parabolic
d) Elliptical

If you move two object further apart the gravitational pull between them________.
a) increases
b) decreases
c) does not change

Where would you encounter the most gravity?
a) Earth
b) Jupiter
c) the moon
d) pluto

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