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Genes contain instructions for assembling
a) Purines
b) Nucleosomes
c) Proteins
d) Pyrimidines

What is the correct amino acid sequence for the following code: UCCCAU?
a) Ser-His
b) Ser-Leu
c) Phe-His
d) Phe-Leu

If a stop codon were to be taken out of an amino acid chain, which of the following would be TRUE?
a) The protein would never be created
b) The protein created would be too long and might not function correctly
c) The protein would be created and continue to function correctly
d) The protein would not be affected by the mutation

How many bases of mRNA make up a codon?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

What would be the transcribed version of the strand ACGTAC?

Where does protein synthesis take place?
a) In the nucleus
b) In the nucleoleus
c) In the cytoplasm
d) Anywhere in the cell

Which of the following statements about proteins is TRUE?
a) Proteins are made up of amino acids
b) Proteins carry nucleic acids
c) Proteins are made in the nucleus
d) Proteins can be found in our diet

What is the correct order for making proteins?
a) mRNA--tRNA--Amino Acids--Proteins--DNA
b) DNA--Amino Acids--tRNA--mRNA--Proteins
c) DNA--mRNA--tRNA--Amino Acids-Proteins
d) Proteins--Amino Acids--tRNA--mRNA--DNA

What molecule carries the code for proteins away from the nucleus?
a) DNA
b) tRNA
c) Ribosomes
d) mRNA

What molecule brings amino acids during protein synthesis?
a) tRNA
b) mRNA
c) DNA
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements about DNA is TRUE?
a) DNA is found in the cytoplasm
b) DNA contains Adenine, Cytosine, Thymine, and Guanine
c) DNA is a single stranded molecule
d) Twins have the exact same DNA

What enzyme is responsible for unzipping DNA during DNA replication?
a) DNA Polymerase
b) RNA Polymerase
c) Helicase
d) Ligase

What is the complimentary strand of DNA for this strand: AGCTAGC?

What enzyme is responsible for bringing new bases during DNA Replication?
a) DNA Polymerase
b) Helicase
c) Ligase
d) RNA Polymerase

Which codon-amino acid pair is NOT CORRECTLY linked?
a) CGU-Arg
b) GCC-Ala
c) CCG-Pro
d) GCG-Gly

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