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Hyperbole is often used to
a) make the text seem unreal.
b) make the text seem realistic.
c) create humor.
d) all of the above.

A writer choose to write with dialect because
a) The dialect helps the reader keep characters separated.
b) The dialect adds authenticity and a realistic aspect to the character.
c) The dialect shows that the character has special knowledge.
d) The dialect teaches the reader how to talk that way.

What is the term that means the sequence of events in a story?
a) plot
b) conflict
c) irony
d) purpose

Y'all don't know nuthin' = example of
a) allusion
b) allegory
c) dialect
d) refrain

Why should we examine an author's diction?
a) The word choice will reveal the author's attitude toward the subject / character.
b) The word choice will reveal how formal the writing is.
c) The diction will reveal setting / time period / historical context.
d) all of the above

When you examine the historical context of a piece of writing, you
a) look at details that reveal what time period the story / even takes place
b) look at the author's life story
c) themes and big ideas presented in the story
d) elements of plot

A narrative in which a person tells his own life story is a
a) diary or journal
b) news story
c) biography
d) autobiography

When we know everything that every character thinks, then the author is using
a) first-person point of view
b) second-person point of view
c) third-person limited point of view
d) third-person omniscient point of view

What part of a poem shows up repeatedly at regular intervals?
a) allusion
b) verse
c) symbols
d) refrain

Which of the following is true about allegories?
a) It is a story that uses dialogue between characters.
b) It is a story that comes from old oral traditions, like myths.
c) It is a story where the real elements also represent something abstract.
d) It is a story about historical events.

How would a writer use direct characterization?
a) describe how the character looks.
b) describe where the character is from.
c) describe how the character feels.
d) all of the above

A lung doctor dies of cancer from smoking. This is an example of
a) dramatic irony
b) situational irony
c) direct characterization
d) indirect characterization

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