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The process by which water moves across a selectively permeable membrane is
a) osmosis
b) active transport
c) diffusion
d) passive transport

Molecules move by diffusion from
a) an area of low concentration to area of high
b) inside to outside the cell
c) big things to little ones
d) an area of high to an area of low concentration

The organelle most important to movement in and out of the cell is
a) the vacuole
b) the cell membrane
c) the cell wall
d) the nucleus

When your egg sat in the salt water, the cells
a) shrank, because water moved out because of osmosis
b) broke up, because of diffusion
c) Stayed the same, because of diffusion
d) swelled up, because of osmosis

Selective permeability means
a) That only big things can get in
b) Only little tiny things can enter the cell
c) Some things can come in, while others can not
d) The cell makes glucose

The movement of materials through a cell membrane without using energy is called
a) active transport
b) osmosis
c) passive transport
d) diffusion

The biggest difference between active and passive transport is
a) the cell doesn't need a selectively permeable membrane
b) Nothing-there is no difference
c) active transport doesn't require any energy, while passive transport does
d) passive transport doesn't require any energy, while active transport does

Active transport carries molecules which way?
a) low to high
b) high to low
c) low to low
d) high to high

Osmosis requires energy
a) True
b) False

An egg placed in pure water will
a) do nothing at all
b) swell
c) stay the same
d) shrink

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