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Which of the following objects would be attracted to magnets?
a) an apple
b) water
c) a paper clip
d) a wooden chair

Ann has a bowl full of a mixture of salt, iron powder, and sand. If Ann puts the end of a magnet into the mixture, what will stick to the magnet?
a) the salt
b) the iron powder
c) the sand
d) all of the above

A magnet has two poles. What are the correct names?
a) east, west
b) north, south
c) big, small
d) metal, non-metal

What poles of a magnet attract each other?
a) like
b) north
c) opposite
d) south

Which poles of a magnet repel each other?
a) opposite
b) like
c) big
d) round

Which of the following objects would most likely be attracted to magnets?
a) a snowball
b) a rubberband
c) a safety pin
d) a carrot

If the north pole of one magnet is brought near the north pole of another magnet, what will happen?
a) both magnets will break
b) nothing will happen
c) The north poles will repel each other
d) The north poles will attract each other

A magnet is useless for picking up glass marbles. Why?
a) Marbles roll around and will roll right off the end of a magnet.
b) They are not made of magnetic material like iron, nickel, or cobalt
c) They are round, and don't have a flat surface for the magnet to hold on to.
d) Marbles are too heavy for magnets to pick up.

Clay spilled iron powder all over a table with that held four objects. The iron powder stuck to one object, which one?
a) an eraser
b) a marker
c) a bar of chocolate
d) a bar magnet

Which part of the pencil will a magnet attract?
a) the graphite lead
b) wooden part you hold
c) the eraser
d) the metal the eraser is held in

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