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What made Pope Gregory VII and Emperor Henry IV fight?
a) Who had the power to appoint bishops
b) Who had the power to appoint Popes
c) Who had the power to appoint Lords and Vassals
d) Who had the power to enter a church first on Easter Sunday

What did medieval Christians think happens when you are excommunicated?
a) You cannot enter heaven
b) You cannot enter an army or navy
c) You cannot enter a market place
d) You cannot enter a Lord's castle

Which best describes the way the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) helped the Counter-Reformation?
a) They started the Inquisition
b) They taught about Catholic ideas
c) They sold indulgences
d) They killed protestants

What was a main purpose of the Council of Trent?
a) Choosing a new Pope
b) Letting rulers pick the religion of their countries
c) Reforming the Catholic Church
d) Printing a new 95 Theses

Why was William Tyndale killed by Catholic Church?
a) He wanted a divorce
b) He criticized Martin Luther
c) He translated the Bible into English
d) He refused to use the Bible at his church

Because of this person, the Bible became available for more people to read. Who was he?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Dante Alighieri
c) Johann Gutenberg
d) William Tyndale

Which Renaissance figure was an artist, architect, scientist, and inventor?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Raphael
c) Michelangelo
d) Donatello

Why did Martin Luther write the 95 Theses?
a) He hated the Catholic Church and wanted to leave
b) He wanted to change some of the practices of the Catholic Church
c) He wanted to be the next Pope
d) He wanted to start his very own Church

Which Renaissance artist painted the Sistine Chapel?
a) Michaelangelo
b) Raphael
c) Donatello
d) Leonardo

A main principle of the Magna Carta is what?
a) People can practice any religion they want
b) Not even the King is above the law
c) Martin Luther was wrong
d) Pope Leo X was wrong

Who taught about predestination?
a) John Calvin
b) Martin Luther
c) Pope Leo X
d) William Tyndale

One reason the Magna Carta was an important document was the right to what?
a) Be represented by a lawyer
b) Be protected from unfair imprisonment
c) Keep and own weapons
d) Freedom of religion

What document limited the power of the King of England?
a) Magna Carta
b) Bill of Human Rights
c) Hammurabi's Code
d) Themistocles' Decree

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