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listen; give heed to what is said
a) hearken
b) sagacity
c) cease
d) scantlings

ridicule, contempt, or derision
a) mockery
b) fatigues
c) vehemently
d) deeds

weariness from bodily or mental exertion
a) fatigues
b) hypocritical
c) service
d) reason

people expressing grief or sorrow for the dead
a) mourners
b) solitary
c) race
d) toll

a group of people related by common history, language, or culture
a) race
b) solitary
c) toll
d) vulture

a) solitary
b) sense
c) treading
d) plank

a form followed in worship or in a religious ceremony
a) service
b) reason
c) hinges
d) lantern

a transparent, usually portable, case for enclosing a light and protecting it from the wind or rain
a) lantern
b) foresight
c) vexed
d) plank

emotionally, passionately, intensely
a) vehemently
b) audacity
c) dissemble
d) repose

the pretense of having virtues, beliefs, or principles that one does not actually possess
a) hypocritical
b) vehemently
c) audacity
d) deed

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