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Which of the following is often used as a genetic marker in plasmids?
a) a foreign gene
b) a nucleotide labeled with a fluorescent dye
c) a DNA sequence that serves as a bacterial origin of replication
d) a gene for antibiotic resistance

To produce transgenic bacteria that make insulin, which of the following steps did scientists have to do first?
a) Extract the insulin from the bacterial culture.
b) Insert the human insulin gene into a plasmid.
c) Use a restriction enzyme to cut out the insulin gene from human DNA.
d) Transform bacteria with the recombinant plasmid.

What kind of cell or cells were used to make Dolly?
a) body cell only
b) egg cell only
c) egg cell and sperm cell
d) body cell and egg cell

Cloning is a process by which
a) undesirable genes may be eliminated.
b) many identical protein fragments are produced.
c) a virus and a bacterium may be fused into one
d) many identical cells may be produced.

Enzymes that cut DNA molecules at specific places
a) have sticky ends
b) are restriction enzymes
c) work only on bacterial DNA
d) always break the DNA between guanine and adenine

Radioactive or fluorescent-labeled RNA or single-stranded DNA pieces that are complementary to the gene of interest and are used to confirm the presence of a cloned gene are called
a) probes
b) plasmids
c) vaccines
d) clones

A strand of DNA formed by the splicing of DNA from two different species is called
a) determinant RNA
b) plasmid DNA
c) recombinant DNA
d) restriction RNA

a) are circular pieces of bacterial DNA
b) are circular pieces of bacterial DNA
c) are often used as vectors in genetic engineering experiments
d) All of the above

One function of gel electrophoresis is to
a) separate DNA fragments
b) cut DNA
c) recombine DNA
d) extract DNA

Suppose a restriction enzyme recognizes the six-base sequence AAGCTT. Between which two nucleotides would the enzyme have to cut to produce a fragment with sticky ends that are four bases long?
a) GC
b) CT
c) AA
d) AG

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