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honorable status
a) dignity
b) fatal
c) doth
d) strife

reproductive organs
a) Loins
b) doth
c) strife
d) civil

angry fight
a) strife
b) overthrows
c) piteous
d) misadventure

a) doth
b) fatal
c) dian
d) proof

in the context, armor
a) proof
b) doctrine
c) posterity
d) forsworn

relinquished under oath
a) forsworn
b) doctrine
c) posterity
d) uncharmed

well-bred, from a good family
a) esteem
b) consent
c) valiant
d) trespass

full of courage, brave
a) valiant
b) margent
c) consent
d) dispositions

distinctive feature of the body, especially the face
a) lineament
b) consent
c) valiant
d) esteem

another word for pilgrim
a) palmer
b) saint
c) prodigious
d) pilgrim

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