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In DNA, the nitrogen base pairs form the
a) top of the ladder
b) sides of the ladder
c) rungs of the ladder
d) bottom of the ladder

The three part building block of DNA is called
a) a nitrogen base
b) a nucleotide
c) a phosphate
d) a pyrimidine

The earliest bacteria produced oxygen enabling
a) single-celled organisms to breathe
b) viruses to multiply
c) more complex life to develop over time
d) animals to hunt for food.

The first living organisms to inhabit the Earth were
a) cyanobacteria
b) viruses
c) insects
d) dinosaurs

Viruses are always
a) specific to a particular host
b) deadly to their hosts
c) able to live outside of a cell
d) able to reproduce on their own.

Viruses take over the host cell machinery to
a) make more virus particles
b) manufacture food
c) eliminate waste
d) cause trouble

Bacteria in the Kingdom Archaebacteria can
a) multiply rapidly
b) live for a long time
c) live in extreme conditions
d) die when exposed to salt

The bacteria Staphylococcus aureus would be
a) rod-shaped and in a chain
b) sphere-shaped and in a cluster
c) spiral-shaped and in a cluster
d) sphere-shaped and in pairs

Scientists classify and name bacteria based on their
a) shape
b) Gram stain
c) formation
d) all of the above

HIV can be spread through
a) having unprotected sex or sharing needles
b) shaking hands
c) sitting on toilet seats
d) kissing

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