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An ionic bond is an attraction between
a) similarly charged ions
b) oppositely charged ions
c) neutral ions
d) neutral atoms.

When an atom loses an electron, it becomes a
a) positive ion
b) negative ion
c) neutral atom
d) neutral ion

Each family on the periodic table has its own characteristic properties based on the number of
a) neutrons.
b) valence electrons.
c) ions.
d) protons.

The chemical bond formed when two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons is a(n)
a) ionic bond
b) orbital bond
c) metallic bond
d) covalent bond

What is the metallic ion in the compound CuCl2
a) Cu -2
b) Cu -1
c) Cu +1
d) Cu +2

A compound that has the same number of positive and negative charges is said to be
a) cationic
b) anionic
c) elctroneutral
d) isoelectronic

Which of the following is not a property of an ionic compound?
a) low boiling point
b) brittleness
c) hardness
d) conducts electricity

Ions made of more than one atom are examples of
a) polyatomic ions
b) negative ions
c) positive ions
d) neutral ions

What is the chemical name for the compound with the formula: Na2S
a) Sodium Fluoride
b) Sodium Disulfide
c) Monosodium DiSulfur
d) Sodium Sulfide

In the chemical formula for an ionic compound, which term is written first?
a) cation
b) anion
c) subscript
d) charge

Electrons involved in bonding between atoms are
a) valence electrons
b) inside the nucleus
c) closest to the nucleus
d) positively charged

If atoms of a halogen nonmetal gain one electron, the atoms then have
a) no valence electrons
b) 7 valence electrons
c) a full valence shell
d) 17 valence electrons

Ionic compounds are electrically
a) charged
b) positive
c) negarive
d) neutral

A mixture that is made of two or more elements -- one that is a metal -- that has the properties of a metal is a(n)
a) polymer.
b) monomer.
c) alloy.
d) ceramic.

Methane is a gas composed of 4 hydrogen atoms and a carbon atom. Methane would be considered a _____________ bond.
a) metallic
b) covalent
c) nonmetallic
d) ionic

Which of the following pairs is most likely to form an ionic bond?
a) carbon and chlorine
b) phosphorus and bromine
c) sulfur and oxygen
d) aluminum and nitrogen

What is the name of the following compound: CF4
a) Carbon Tetrafluoride
b) Monocarbon Tetrafluoride
c) Carbon Fluoride
d) Carbon Fluorine

Elements on the periodic table are organized in order of their
a) atomic numbers.
b) atomic masses.
c) electronegativities.
d) phases of matter.

What is the charge of a Lithium ion?
a) +1
b) -1
c) 0
d) +2

The octet rule states that
a) chemical bonds should share 8 electrons to be stable.
b) each valence shell of atoms forming a bond should have 8 electrons whether they be transferred or shared
c) ionic bonds share 8 electrons in the process of bonding.
d) 8 electrons must be given away in order to form a chemical bond.

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