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Buddhism spread during which dynasty under which ruler
a) Ptolemaic, Ramses II
b) Babylonian Empire, Hammurabi
c) Mauryan Dynasty, Chandra Gupta
d) Mauryan Dynasty, Ashoka

What mathematical discoveries did they make in Golden age of India?
a) Pi
b) The Zero
c) 100
d) 13 Cats

The writing in the Indus River Valley is different than the other River Valley Civilizations because...
a) We can't read it
b) We use it to translate the Rosetta Stone
c) It only uses symbols and not letters
d) It was made from pictograms

What rivers did India form near?
a) Ganges and Indus
b) Nile and Tigris
c) Euphrates and Tigris
d) Huang He and Yangtze

The social order of Golden Age of India shares the social order with which religion
a) Buddhism
b) Judaism
c) Hinduism
d) Brahmanism

The Caste System developed in Ancient India thousands of years ago. What would the Caste System affect?
a) The laws
b) Where people can live, who they can marry, which jobs they have
c) Only people’s jobs
d) Church and state

Which group of people is considered “unclean” and is outside the caste system?
a) Impurities
b) Sudras
c) Undesirables
d) Untouchables

An individual's role is determined by wealth, social status, job, and level of political power. It is very difficult to change roles. Which system BEST represents these ideas?
a) Class System
b) Caste System
c) Social System
d) Feudal System

During the Golden Age of India, which of these were contributions to society?
a) laws and politics
b) sports and exercise
c) mathematics and literature
d) textiles and fashion design

What are examples of Hindu influences on literature
a) Iliad and Odyssey
b) Gilgamesh and Anead
c) Ramayana and Mahabharata
d) Hamlet and Julius Caesar

Which two fields experienced tremendous advancements during the Gupta dynasty in India?
a) agriculture and botany
b) Buddhism and Hinduism
c) mathematics and astronomy
d) information technology and medicine

During the classical era, what was the focus of Indian literature, buildings, and art?
a) Judaism
b) Hinduism
c) Secularism
d) Agriculture

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