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From which part of the blood are clotting factors released?
a) Erythrocytes
b) Plasma
c) Platelets
d) Leukocytes

Cells that 'remember' the pathogen from a previous infection are called...
a) T lymphocytes
b) B lymphocytes
c) memory cells
d) antibodies

The particular lymphocyte that can make the 'right' antibody for a particular pathogen is cloned by which process?
a) Mitosis
b) Meiosis
c) Cytokinesis
d) Anaphase

By what method do phagocytes ingest pathogens?
a) Phagocytosis (a form of endocytosis)
b) Phagocytosis (a form of exocytosis)
c) Active transport
d) Protein channels

When a pathogen enters the body its surface antigens bind to the surface of a...
a) monocyte
b) neutrophil
c) lymphocyte
d) basophil

The fancy name for a blood clot in the coronary artery of the heart is
a) coronary plaque
b) coronary thrombosis
c) thrombosis
d) cardiac plaque

Who first discovered penecillin?
a) Pasteur
b) Fleming
c) Florey and Chain
d) Harvey

What is the name of the cell that engulfs pathogens?
a) Lymphocytes
b) Erythrocytes
c) Neutrophils
d) Phagocytes

When a pathogen enters the body, it surface antigens bind with antibodies presented on...
a) lymphocytes
b) basophils
c) neutrophils
d) monocytes

Which cells produce antibodies?
a) Phagocytes
b) Lymphocytes
c) Neutrophils
d) Erythrocytes

Which of the following is NOT a method of protection
a) Layers of the skin
b) Mucous membranes
c) Body hair
d) Lactic acid making skin acidic

Which people were involved in the testing of penecillin?
a) Meselson and Stahl
b) Davson and Danielli
c) Florey and Chain
d) Watson and Crick

Which cells produce antibodies?
a) Neutrophils
b) Erythrocytes
c) Leukocytes
d) Lymphocytes

What do we call an antigen-binding protein produced by B-cells.
a) Antibody
b) Antigen
c) Antibiotic
d) Antiseptic

General name for red blood cells
a) Leukocytes
b) Phagocytes
c) Erythrocytes
d) Neutrophils

General name for white blood cells
a) Leukocytes
b) Erythrocytes
c) Neutrophils
d) Phagocytes

What does AIDS stand for
a) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
b) Acquired Iso Deficiency Syndrome
c) Acquired Immune Defense Syndrome
d) Actual Immune Deficiency Syndrome

What does HIV stand for?
a) Human immune defense virus
b) Human immunodeficiency virus
c) Human interleukin virus
d) Human immune cell virus

What do we call a chemical that kills or inhibits growth of bacteria by deregulation of metabolic pathways.
a) Antibody
b) Antigen
c) Antibiotic
d) Phagocyte

What is a pathogen?
a) any organism that causes disease, such as a bacterium or fungus.
b) any bacteria that cause disease
c) Only parasites of the gut
d) Only viruses

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