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Which resource would contain the meaning of the word symphony?
a) a newspaper
b) an atlas
c) a magazine
d) a dictionary

Which would not be a supporting detail for the following topic sentence? You can maintain good oral health by brushing your teeth and flossing every day.
a) Also, make sure to keep your nails trimmed and hair neat.
b) Using mouthwash every time you brush or floss is also a smart idea.
c) Try to stay away for brittle or chewy foods.
d) Drink dark colas and coffee sparingly since they can discolor your teeth.

The pages at the end of a book that contain detailed information where specific topics are located are called the
a) bibliography
b) glossary
c) index
d) title page

Which is a sentence fragment?
a) When I fell asleep on the couch yesterday.
b) Although my birthday was last week, I don't feel any older.
c) My mom is a fast runner; she can jump high, too.
d) Look at me, everybody.

In which sentence is the word it's used incorrectly?
a) It's starting to rain everyone; we should head for shelter.
b) Marlene forgot that it's impolite to eat and talk at the same time.
c) It's already time to leave, kids.
d) An alligator has very sharp teeth in it's mouth.

Which sentence uses an incorrect possessive?
a) Uncle James' car is falling apart.
b) My dad's favorite food has always been baby back ribs.
c) The lizard flexed its tail when we moved closer to it.
d) The young womans' dress looked fabulous!

Which is NOT included on the title page of a research paper?
a) a list of sources used for the paper
b) the title of the paper
c) your name and the teacher's name
d) the date the paper is submitted (turned in)

We _____ going to go to the park, but it started to rain.
a) was
b) be
c) were
d) is

Which would BEST follow sentence 2 in the following paragraph? The firehouse looked strange in the moonlight. The outside looks as though it's covered in bluish gray dust.
a) Firehouses are so neat!
b) To sum up, there is an area where the fire company's sign used to be attached.
c) My father is the fire captain and lets us explore the firehouse in the evenings.
d) On the inside, the moonlight shoots through the windows and casts an eerie blue light.

Which step in the research process comes after gathering resources?
a) decide on a topic
b) brainstorm for an idea
c) read and take notes
d) select sources

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