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Which best describes Earth's crust?
a) It is stationary and unable to move.
b) It is thicker than the mantle and core.
c) It is located between the outer and inner core.
d) It is composed of continental and oceanic plates.

Which causes the movement of tectonic plates?
a) Gravitational pull between Earth and Moon.
b) Convection occurring beneath Earth's crust.
c) Energy produced by earthquakes within the Earth.
d) Rotation of liquid rock found within the core.

Which most likely occurs when two continental plates are pushed into one another?
a) The plates will stop moving.
b) The plates will form a trench.
c) The plates will form a mountain.
d) The plates will break into pieces.

Which environment would produce soil at a faster rate?
a) An environment located in warm, wet regions.
b) An environment that consists of many slopes.
c) An environment without any vegetation.
d) An environment with high rates of erosion.

A class is conducting an experiment on how different types of soil can affect the growth of a plant. Which are the main factors the class should consider when designing the experiment?
a) The soil texture and the amount of water it can hold.
b) The types and amounts of sugars found in the soil.
c) The color of the container for the soil and the plant.
d) The shape and color of the seeds planted in the soil.

Which one of the following term associations is false?
a) Asthenosphere- filled with free flowing plastic.
b) Lithosphere- contains rigid solid rock.
c) Outer core- contains mostly smooth solid rock.
d) Continental crust- contains rigid solid rock.

A scientist use a seismograph to gather signals from seismic P-waves that travel beneath the surface of the crust. From which layer beneath the crust do these seismic P-waves travel the fastest?
a) Upper mantle
b) Lower mantle
c) Inner core
d) Outer Core

Which best explains the reason for more frequent earthquakes in California?
a) The San Andreas Fault Zone has formed where the edge of the Pacific Plate is slipping under the North American Plate.
b) The San Andreas Fault Zone has formed where the edge of the Pacific Plate is slipping over the North American Plate.
c) The San Andreas Fault Zone has formed where the edge of the Pacific Plate is slipping south along the North American Plate.
d) The San Andreas Fault Zone has formed where the edge of the Pacific Plate is slipping north along the North American Plate.

Which force is responsible for part of the Earth’s crust becoming shorter and thicker?
a) Tension
b) Compression
c) Shearing
d) Normal Force

Which is a farming technique that could improve the soil and the environment?
a) Using fueled machines that will turn the soil continuously.
b) Creating undisturbed layers of mulch in the soil.
c) Placing inorganic chemical fertilizers in the soil.
d) Irrigating the soil with salty water.

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