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Which of the following biomes has animals that are adapted to a hot, dry climate?
a) Tropical rainforest
b) Tundra
c) Desert
d) Grasslands

Which of the following biomes contains no trees due to permafrost?
a) Tundra
b) Taiga
c) Desert
d) Grasslands

Which biome contains woody shrubs and trees that lose their leaves?
a) Coniferous forest
b) Deciduous forest
c) Tropical rainforest
d) Tundra

Which of the following characteristics best describes the coniferous forest?
a) Its trees produce seeds in cones.
b) It contains the most biodiversity.
c) Its trees are spaced far apart from one another.
d) Orchids and vines are common plants found here.

Drought, wildfires, and grazing animals are common in which biome?
a) Tundra
b) Desert
c) Grasslands
d) Taiga

Which of the following biomes is located closest to the equator?
a) Coniferous forest
b) Tropical rainforest
c) Deciduous forest
d) Grasslands

Which of the following organisms would be found in the tundra?
a) Lichens
b) Cacti
c) Evergreen trees
d) Wheat crops

Which of the following does NOT play a role in the type of plants that grow in a land biome?
a) Water
b) Animals
c) Temperature
d) Soil

Prairie ecosystems can be found in which of the following biomes?
a) Deciduous forest
b) Taiga
c) Grasslands
d) Coniferous forest

How have animals in the tundra adapted to their environment?
a) They hibernate when it is cold.
b) They have extra body fat and thick fur.
c) They are only active at night.
d) They live in the canopy.

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