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Test Yourself On Climate And The Water Cycle.[print questions]

Which to factors drive the water cycle?
a) The sun and gravity
b) Altitude and temperature
c) Precipitation and gravity
d) The sun and location

Which of the following results from condensation?
a) Clouds
b) Runoff
c) Water Vapor
d) Groundwater

The process by which water is heated until it rises back in the atmosphere is called what?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Accumulation
d) Precipitation

A fast moving band of air at the top of the troposphere that moves weather systems is known as what?
a) Jet stream
b) Gulf Stream
c) Ozone layer
d) Trade Winds

The warm water of what affects weather on the Eastern Atlantic shoreline?
a) Gulf Stream
b) Jet Stream
c) California Current
d) Arctic Ocean

A circulation of air that includes both upward and downward motion is called a _________ cell
a) Convection
b) Radiation
c) Condensation
d) Conduction

Because land heats up faster than water in the daytime, ________________ breezes form
a) Sea
b) Land
c) Trade Wind
d) Doldrums

Which areas of Earth receive the MOST direct sunlight?
a) Equator
b) The Poles
c) The United States
d) Mexico

Where are the areas of lowest pressure found on Earth?
a) Near the Equator
b) Near the Poles
c) Near the Oceans
d) Near the deserts

The weather data for Bluffton shows that the barometric pressure is falling Which is the BEST prediction for the weather in the Hilton Head area?
a) Stormy weather
b) No change in weather
c) Heat wave
d) Falling temperatures

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